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The Benefits of the Live Stream Trade Alert Service

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High-Probability Options Trade ALERTS

The alerted options trades via the Live Stream Trade Alert service are carefully selected based on a number of factors. While the technicals for the underlying stock are always established from developments within the hourly, 4 hour, daily and weekly timeframe charts; there are additional considerations to factor in when looking at options. Those familiar with options trading will know that “the greeks” are always a focal point when selecting the desired contracts to trade. However, there is arguably an even more important consideration: liquidity! Options liquidity can be the difference between a great trade and a terrible trade. With hundreds of traders following our options alerts, we have to be sure that the bid-ask spreads are tight enough for all of our members to get in and out of the trade as close as possible to our alerted price.

Additionally, all of our options trade alerts are long (calls or puts) directional plays- This means unnecessary capital is not tied up with the likes of spreads and other “advanced” style options strategies, and a margin account is not required!

Proven Results

All of our alerted trades are documented. You can see all of last year’s alerted trades by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Want to see the current year’s results? Request them by clicking here.

Quality over Quantity

The Opinicus Holdings’ options trade alert system prioritizes quality of setup over frequency of alerts. What does this mean for our members? The alerts may come through with lower frequency (3/week on average) when compared with some of our competitors, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in accuracy. Our commitment to providing our members with highly accurate alerted options trades means you could expect a win rate of over 80%!*

Trustworthy Risk Assessment

All of our options trades are carefully considered and planned prior to entry. As a matter of fact, this effort is well documented. Every single trade plan is posted within our Trader’s Thinktank well in advance of entry. Not only does this benefit the active traders within the community, it allows us to stay methodical in our approach to the alerted swing trades. It is from the posted trade plans that the alerted entries are born! This approach in turn contributes to our aforementioned high accuracy rate.

No trading system is perfect, and there will always be losing trades even with any great trading system. However, members can rest assured that every alerted options trade has been examined in a way that considers every possible outcome.

Removes Emotion

Emotion is one of the leading causes of failure for novice traders. Because we back our alerted plays with real cash, there is never a trade alert sent just for the sake of being in a trade! No trading just for the sake of trading. We strive to provide the best possible options trade alerts while negating risk and educating along the way. Knowing this, members of the Live Stream Trade Alert service have the benefit of limited emotional involvement with the alerted options trades.


*Past performance is not indicative of future results.
*Options are not a suitable investment for everyone. Please read our risk disclosure here: Risk Disclosure