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Everyone has heard that you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around most. The law of association suggests that to become better as a person or at a task you need to spend time with better people. The Trader’s Thinktank puts you into an environment that helps you become a better trader.

This is where our active trader community resides. While similar to a chatroom, our Trader’s Thinktank offers so much more than that. The Thinktank was designed to create and foster a community of likeminded and focused traders. This is the premier options trading room you have been looking for. Not only does it offer the advantage of having multiple eyes on the market for setups and breakouts; it also provides a place for traders to discuss trade ideas, current stock market related news events, proper positioning and market psychology! Additionally, one of the highlights of this service is its inclusion of LIVE options flow data (a.k.a. options order sentiment or unusual options volume) - this service alone provides enough value to justify the cost.

Furthermore is a "topics" section that is exclusively for posting actionable trade plans with stock charts - All members are encouraged to view and discuss these trade plans among their peers in this focused forum-like setting. In addition to these benefits, the Thinktank gives direct access to the founder and publisher of the live trading stream - This is the area to discuss the Live Stream Trade Alerts. Join the winning team, completely risk-free with our trial offer! See you inside. 

  • Network and chat with the founder

  • LIVE stream of Options Flow Data

  • Build relationships with our community of full-time and part-time traders

  • Multiple eyes on the market

  • Live market news updates

  • Daily watchlist of hot stocks

  • Exchange trading ideas

  • “Topics section” for actionable trade plans

  • Encourage discipline and strong mental fortitude

  • iOS & Android App

  • Native desktop app (PC & iOS)


$37.5/month - Save $125 by signing up for an annual subscription