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What you’ll learn:

  • How to properly manage and assess risk (never blow up your account)

    • Planning a trade and executing on it

  • Our founder’s secret strategies and key setups

  • Using the Proprietary script (signals entry and exit) with our most profitable daytrading strategy

  • Trading in ANY market condition

  • Day trading & swing trading strategies

  • Scanning for choice stocks to trade, and finding hot stocks daily

  • Mastering the art of entry and exit

  • The importance of market psychology and sentiment

  • Matching your option strike and expiry to your trade plan

All of this is yours for only $799

This is not your standard "strategy teaching" options trading course. I teach you how to behave, think and trade like a professional. This course encompasses the specific skill set that is designed to make you as close to a professional options trader as possible all from the comfort of your own home and computer. Who could say no to an opportunity like that?

This course is for people who want to learn on their own time, and have the desire to get started immediately. From beginner to advanced & expert traders, there is something to be gained from 55+ videos of options trading and options mastery content available. Topics include revealing all of our founder's favorite strategies, technical analysis, understanding market psychology & sentiment, risk management, as well as our proprietary "5MSR" day trading strategy (with an included script for trade entry and exit), matching option strike and expiry with your trade plan, and much more such as LEAPS, fundamental analysis, and trade recaps.

This course package includes lifetime access, so you are free to refer back to the course at anytime if you would like a refresher on any particular topic. This feature offers additional value because there are quarterly additions and revisions made to the learning material. With completion of this course, individuals will have ALL the tools and skills they need to be profitable on the market. We have turned hundreds of people into full-time traders with this particular course. The index of information is organized in an easy to follow manner. Learn to become profitable utilizing options contracts with the premier options education provider. 

Payment plans are available if needed. Please contact us if you would like that option.

Options trading mastery course benefits

Intended to cover A to Z, whether you're a beginner or an expert trader, you have something to gain from the OMC.

Now, literally hundred of different individuals have come to us for options trading mentorship, coaching, and education. With the wide gamut of services my team and I are offering, we are able to help all traders - from the beginner who knows next to nothing about profiting with options trading, to the already-profitable trader looking for new strategies that suit their lifestyle. If this option still doesn’t seem right for you, check out the One on One Mentorship.


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