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A Day-Trader’s Focus

In addition to the consistent list of inquiries relating to peripheral elements of my trading process and setup, like my watchlist or computer workstation, it’s not uncommon for beginning traders to express curiosity relating to a professional day trader’s daily routine—which you can read about in an upcoming article—along with the mindset that is used to approach each new day on the market. Today, we’ll be discussing the latter.

Dedicate yourself to the the process

We’ll get to the specific details of what actually makes up the routine later, as before one can fine-tune their process, there must first be an actual process. Like any other skilled profession or livelihood, a successful trading career is built on untold hours of dedication and hard work that fall under the analogous term of research. Some may promise shortcuts or fast tracks, but there is no substitute for sitting down and putting in time.

So how do we make it happen? How does one approach each day as a clean slate, waiting to be inscribed with new accomplishments and lessons learned? How does one keep pushing through, even after a string of losses or missed opportunities? Beyond the human need to survive, how can one manage to thrive, even in a challenging and transforming environment?

The answers to these questions could easily fill volumes of books. But above all, the secret that many successful traders and entrepreneurs attribute their achievements to stems from incorporating an attitude of daily development in their lives. It’s not easy to begin or maintain, even years or decades in, but a big motivating factor powering many of the workaholic billionaires we read about is a simple love of the process and routine. So where do you start? The routine and collection of processes that comprise it are the perfect place to begin.

Design a workspace you can fall in love with

Your environment is an integral component to your trading and research routine, and although it is impossible to control every finite aspect of what surrounds us, developing a workstation or workplace you’re excited to visit each day is a core component of building sound processes. I go into much more detail relating to a few aspects of this subject in my article about building a day trading computer, but above all, it’s about finding what works for you. Aside from satisfying the basic hardware requirements, breaking the bank on the absolute best equipment isn’t necessary. The goal isn’t to have the largest number of monitors, the most expensive standing desk or the fastest computer. Longterm track records of success are not built overnight, and before anything can happen, one must simply begin.

Use whatever colloquialism you want, but your workplace and workstation need to be a kind of zen garden in which your surroundings are conducive to spending your most productive and focused hours. Be honest with yourself when making decisions, and remember that there’s always room for improvement.