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Our Mission

To continuously provide tools to people who actively want to master trading options on the stock market and take their trading to the next level. 

About us

Our founder Kyle formed Opinicus after requests from friends and family to share options trading ideas and his accrued expertise on a platform that all could access. It was only after being asked by strangers (who found Kyle on numerous message boards such as Stocktwits and Twitter) that he began to take these requests seriously! From this point he was inspired to share his knowledge with others, in hopes of helping them become profitable in the stock market by actively trading options. Our 1 on 1 mentorship, the Options Mastery Course, and/or subscription services can help you prevent the years Kyle wasted in the trial and error stage. Additionally, we can help traders who may have been misguided by other "premium" services or simply wish to explore a different trading style.

At our core, we are a subscription based service providing institutional-level research and superior options market analysis. Our focus is to provide all experience level traders with live service, trade opinions, and important dates of interest; via one of our many options-trading specialty services. Ready to master the markets? This information is delivered via live stream trade alerts, or an established ThinkTank full of experienced and equally knowledgable traders, with direct access to our founder and lead trader, Kyle. With this blend of benefits, we are confident our services will be lucrative for your portfolio. We will continuously post all of our options plays in our live trading stream and Trader’s Thinktank for your consideration! 

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive video course lesson known as the “Options Mastery Course” that will teach you everything you need to know from A to Z regarding options trading. This course is beginner friendly, but is also suitable for expert level options traders. It contains an index of over 50 lessons - many of which receive updates every quarter!

If you are looking for a more personalized, instructor feel to your trading education, we offer 1 on 1 coaching. You can find details on the package here.

Options trading allows you to capture more gains in the market with less capital. While initially challenging to learn, we are here to help.