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trader's thinktank



  • Network and chat with CEO
  • LIVE stream of Options Flow Data
  • Community of traders 
  • Multiple eyes on the market
  • Live market news updates 
  • Network & build relationships with other experienced traders
  • Exchange trading ideas
  • Actionable trade plans posted in an additional forum-like setting
  • Encourage discipline and strong mental fortitude
  • iOS & Android App

Options mastery course


  • 45+ video lessons
  • Comprehensive knowledge of stock market and options trading
  • Opinicus Holdings' secret strategies
  • Trading in ANY market condition
  • Day trading & swing trading strategies
  • Scanning for choice stocks to trade
  • Ideal entry & exit indicators
  • Lifetime access to video index
  • Beginner friendly
  • Free month of either the Thinktank or Live-Stream Trade Alerts included
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  • Daily stocks to watch posted every morning
  • Day trade alerts
  • Buy & sell entries
  • Swing trade alerts
  • Scalp trade alerts
  • Earnings trade alerts
  • LEAPS alerts
  • Multiple alerts weekly
  • High-liquidity ticker symbols 
  • Phone app available
  • Quarterly midterm and longterm watch lists