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You will receive an invite to the ThinkTank chatroom shortly, via the email that is registered to your PayPal account. If your primary email is different from the one linked to your PayPal account, please contact us immediately. Your email invitation will be from our hosting company, Ryver. Please use the link within the email to accept the invitation. I highly recommend downloading the Ryver app on your phone, so you can check-in with us and chat on the fly.

Thinktank access is not hosted through this website, so you do not need to create an account

A few suggested guidelines:

1. There are many different experience levels and account sizes within the ThinkTank - Get to know people before blindly following them into a trade. 

2. Feel free to openly discuss any ideas, post any charts, or ask any questions. Everyone within the ThinkTank is very generous with their thoughts - After all, that is what it is for! 

3. If you ever have any questions about a particular trade, or idea feel free to email or direct message me!

Finally, as a subscriber you receive additional benefits. Feel free to use code "SUBSCRIBER" to save 10% on any of our merchandise!