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Opinicus Bundle: Our most popular offering!

Opinicus is THE #1 Options Trading community and education provider. We have hundreds of members worldwide between our various services such as the Trader’s Thinktank and Live Stream Trade Alerts, which are both conveniently offered in this bundle for a reduced price.

Many have tried to duplicate what we do but the secret is multifaceted. You will understand as soon as you join! What some members have said about us:

This bundle package includes access to the Trader’s Thinktank, and also includes the Live Stream Trade Alerts. Save over 10% when you bundle them together!

Ask yourself - Would you benefit from a no-nonsense group with clear direction and camaraderie? Would you like to be around traders that get straight to the point and understand what it takes to extract money from the market? If the answer is yes, you stand to seriously improve your ability to trade options with this bundle offering.

here is what is included:


  • Daily watchlist of hot stocks

  • Buy & sell price for every trade

  • High probability options trades

  • Proven results

  • Swing trade alerts

  • Earnings trade alerts

  • LEAPS alerts

  • Multiple alerts weekly

  • High-liquidity ticker symbols

  • Sent directly to your phone!

  • Quarterly midterm and longterm watch lists


  • Network and chat with the CEO

  • LIVE stream of Options Flow Data

  • Build relationships with our community of traders

  • Multiple eyes on the market

  • Live market news updates

  • Daily watchlist of hot stocks

  • Exchange trading ideas with our community of active full-time and part-time traders

  • “Topics section” for actionable trade plans

  • Encourage discipline and strong mental fortitude

  • iOS & Android App

  • Native desktop app (PC & iOS)