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What you’re getting:

  • 1 month of no-obligation, totally free access to the Trader’s Thinktank (Normally $47/month)

  • 1 month of no-obligation, totally free access to the Live Stream Trade Alerts (Normally $29/month)

why are we doing this?

We have decided to give a month of free access away to a limited number of ACTION-TAKERS who want to take their trading to the next level.

There is a TON of misinformation out there regarding options trading, risk management, options flow, and the like. We want to change that! Our founder is disgusted by what is being said about options trading by folks who are NOT qualified to speak on the matter, let alone actually trade!


The law of association suggests that to become better as a person or at a task you need to spend time with better, more skilled people. The Trader’s Thinktank puts you into an environment that helps you become a better trader. We have fostered an environment that is conducive to success in the markets. But don’t just take my word for it - Read the reviews here.


Let us show you the ropes of what is possible with options trading. Even small accounts can be built fairly rapidly with proper guidance, execution, and risk management.

Veteran traders

If you have options trading experience, you are going to love the value that not only our founder, but our roster of full-time and former prop traders bring to the table! Being surrounded by like-minded individuals that want to see you win is priceless. Trading can be lonely and unfocused when done solo - Our community changes that!

Why should you join?

This offer is limited to only 50 spots because each individual gets a tailored experience, and we want to prevent overcrowding in the Thinktank. This offer has been created to keep your personal risk limited - We are confident you’ll love your new trading family, but if you don’t, you can cancel your free-month subscription and from there walk away without having paid a cent. This is a priceless deal that we’re happy to give away and show you what our community is all about.

Everything that is included:


  • Daily watchlist of hot stocks

  • High probability options trades

  • Proven results

  • Swing trade alerts

  • Earnings trade alerts

  • LEAPS alerts

  • Multiple alerts weekly

  • High-liquidity ticker symbols

  • Sent directly to your phone!

  • Quarterly midterm and longterm watch lists


  • Network and chat with the CEO

  • LIVE stream of Options Flow Data

  • Build relationships with our community of traders

  • Multiple eyes on the market

  • Live market news updates

  • Daily watchlist of hot stocks

  • Exchange trading ideas with our community of active full-time and part-time traders

  • “Topics section” for actionable trade plans

  • Encourage discipline and strong mental fortitude

  • iOS & Android App

  • Native desktop app (PC & iOS

If this page is online right now, then only a few spots are left…

stop wasting time & claim the offer to watch your trading performance increase.