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options mastery course (OMC) video index

It is recommended to follow the lessons in order. Please enjoy them in fullscreen on a  1080p or 4k setting for maximum clarity.

Module 1 - Risk management and understanding options

Lesson One: Introduction to Options Trading 

Lesson Two: Money & Risk Management

REVISED (6/29/19) Lesson Three: Theta - Options Greeks

Lesson Four: Delta - Options Greeks

Lesson Five: Gamma - Options Greeks

Lesson Six: Vega - Options Greeks

Lesson Seven: Options Basics I

Lesson Eight: Options Basics II

REVISED (6/29/19) Lesson Nine: Analysis & Trading Time Frames 

REVISED (6/29/19) Lesson 10: Fundamental Analysis


Concept Review: Scanning for the Optimal Trade 

Concept Review: Why People Fail on the Market

Concept Review: Creating A Trade Plan (& Template Download)

Concept Review: Entry & Exit

Concept Review: Utilizing Price Action Alerts

Coming Soon - Concept Review: Matching Your Strike with Your Strategy

Coming Soon - Concept Review: Matching Your Expiry with your Strategy

Lesson One - LEAPS: The Basics

Lesson Two - LEAPS

Lesson Three - Market Psychology

Lesson Four - Opinicus 5MSR Daytrade Strategy 

Lesson Five: Feeler Traders & When Not to Trade

Lesson Six: Flow Data & Why It Is Important

Lesson Seven - Opinicus "h" Pattern

Lesson Eight: Bid Size & Ask Size, & the Spread on Options

Lesson Nine - First / Last Day of Month; Window Dressing

Coming Soon - Lesson 10 - Blocking Distractions

Coming Soon - Lesson 11 - Self Awareness as a Trader - The Importance of Behavior

The Opinicus Volume Script